(Information Note-15 March 2019)

The Inquiry Commission on the State of Emergency measures reviews and concludes the applications concerning the measures adopted under the state of emergency decree-laws, such as the dismissal of public officials, cancellation of scholarship, annulment of the ranks of retired personnel and the closure of some institutions. The Commission employs a total of 250 personnel, 80 of whom are rapporteurs (judges, experts, inspectors).

Application Process and Classification

  • The Commission has set up a data processing infrastructure in order to receive, archive and examine applications in an electronic environment, and the information on the applications acquired from more than 20 institutions and organizations has been recorded in this system. Furthermore, the decisions delivered by the judicial authorities are followed up through UYAP system.
  • Classification, registration and archiving of a total of 460,000 files, including personnel files transferred from their institutions, court files and former applications, have been completed.

Decisions of the Commission

  • By the decree-laws issued within the scope of the state of emergency, a total of 131,922 measures were taken, 125,678 of which were dismissal from public service.
  • The number of applications submitted to the Commission is 126,000 as of 15 March 2019. Regarding the number of the decisions delivered by the Commission (63,100), the number of pending applications is 62,900.
  • The Commission started its decision-making process on 22 December 2017 and as of 15 March 2019, the Commission has delivered 63,100 (4,750 accepted, 58,350 rejected) decisions. Accordingly, the Commission delivered decisions concerning half of the total applications within a period of 15 months.
  • The decisions of the Commission are circulated to the institutions where the persons lastly took office for the purpose of being notified. The procedure of appointment of those whose applications were accepted is carried out by the institution where they lastly took office and the Council of Higher Education where relevant.
  • An annulment action may be brought before the Ankara Administrative Courts determined by the Council of Judges and Prosecutors against the decisions of the Commission and the institution or organization where the relevant person lastly took office, within a period of sixty days as from the date of notification of the decision.


State of Applications

  • The applicants are able to acquire information on the stage of the applications filed with the Commission and the outcome of the decision (“acceptance” or “rejection”) through the app of “The Inquiry Commission on State of Emergency Measures- Application Follow-up System” on the web site of the Commission.

As an effective remedy, the Commission delivers individualized and reasoned decisions in respect of 1,200 applications in a week, as a result of speedy and extensive examination.

Announced to the public.